3 times pet insurance is worth it for cats

3 times pet insurance is worth it for cats

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If you adopted your cat, and aren’t sure about their medical history, a pet insurance policy may be smart to have.

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Pet insurance offers owners a valuable and cost-effective way to safeguard both their pet and their wallet. In exchange for a minimal monthly fee to a provider (often discounted if paid yearly), owners can obtain coverage for a wide range of medical issues, treatments and trips to the vet. In today’s economic climate, however, the value of a pet insurance policy needs to be carefully measured against other expenses and insurance policies. With consistent inflation and higher interest rates, there needs to be a clear ROI to make it worth it for pet owners.

Fortunately, pet insurance often is worth having, both for dogs and for cats. There are specific times when it’s worth it for cats, however, which owners should be aware of. This will help improve their chances of getting a comprehensive and inexpensive policy.

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3 times pet insurance is worth it for cats

Pet insurance can be valuable for cats for a multitude of reasons. Here are three times when it’s arguably most important to have.

When your cat is young

If you’ve already started doing your pet insurance research then you probably already know that the best time to get pet insurance is when your pet is young and healthy. This applies across the board and includes cats, too. The best combination of comprehensive care and low cost is almost always offered for younger pets. Because these pets are typically the healthiest, more coverage options will be offered, often at the lowest price points.

Every cat is different and every provider has their own policy restrictions. That said, arguably the very best time to get pet insurance for your cat is when they’re young before any medical conditions arise that could limit their coverage. 

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When you have a certain breed

Just like dogs, specific cat breeds are predisposed to medical issues more than others. If you have one of these breeds then you can expect to have more medical bills more often than if you had another type. So it makes sense to get a policy now before the inevitable occurs.

What kind of cat breeds are we talking about? Abysinnians, for example, can have upper respiratory infections, inflammatory bowel diseases and more. Persian cats, due to the shape of their nose, are also known for having breathing issues. Ragdoll cats, meanwhile, often have to cope with heart murmurs, stomach problems and kidney disease. 

So, if you have one of these breeds or another one known for its health ailments, you’ll likely want the help a pet insurance plan can provide. 

When you’ve adopted your cat

If you’ve adopted your cat, particularly if you did later in its life, then you may not be privy to all of its medical history or any lingering health issues that are likely to resurface. In this case, it’s worth getting pet insurance to help protect you against the unexpected. Unlike when you buy or adopt a kitten, an older cat is likely to come with its own inherent medical issues. Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to know all of them until your pet becomes ill. This would be an inopportune time to get pet insurance, however, as providers mandate a waiting period before coverage kicks in. But if you act now, before any issues arise, you’ll have pet insurance for your adopted cat ready to go when needed.

The bottom line

Pet insurance is like most other financial products and services: To make it worth it the timing has to be just right. For cat owners, there are better times to secure a policy than others. This includes when the cat is young and healthy (and prices are low and coverage is robust). It’s also valuable when you have a certain breed known for its health issues as well as when you have adopted a cat and are less informed about its medical history.

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