SEAN HANNITY: Biden announces his 2024 basement bunker re-election campaign

SEAN HANNITY: Biden announces his 2024 basement bunker re-election campaign

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Fox News host Sean Hannity reacted to Joe Biden’s re-election bid on Tuesday and explains why he thinks the president does not deserve a second term, citing “cognitive” concerns and America’s crises.

SEAN HANNITY: We begin at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where your buddy, Joe Biden is headed back to the basement. His 2024 re-election bid is officially now underway. So I guess that means we can expect to see a lot less of Joe than usual. By the way, it’s official, and he has given fewer press conferences than any other president in the last 40 years. And according to NBC News, it will be several months before he even holds one single campaign event. And no doubt those events will be few and far between. He didn’t even hold a rally to kick off his campaign today. Instead, the Biden camp, they released a heavily edited pre-produced video attacking, of course, MAGA Republicans, all attempting to make Joe look lucid and capable. In other words, everyone around him knows that he is cognitively incapable of making such an announcement without screwing it up. 


Now, here’s the very liberal New York Times editorial board. I don’t often quote The New York Times. They don’t particularly like me. ‘Biden should take voters’ concerns about his age seriously.’ The New York Times is saying this. The article notes what is a glaring omission in Biden’s most recent physical quote. ‘His cognitive abilities went unmentioned.’ The Times continues. If he runs again, ‘Mr. Biden will need to provide explicit reassurance to voters. Many of them have seen family members decline rapidly in their eighties.’ But mark my words, they will never, ever, ever be any explicit reassurance at all. He’s already refused to take a cognitive test and publish the results. You might recall that President Trump did the very same thing, passed with flying colors. His results were great. Everybody knows that Joe Biden would not do well because he’s a cognitive wreck. 


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