Some Yankee fans "disgusted" by Game 3 loss at home while others are still holding onto hope

Some Yankee fans “disgusted” by Game 3 loss at home while others are still holding onto hope

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NEW YORK — The Yankees were routed by the Astros as they returned home to the Bronx for Game 3 of the American League Championship Series on Saturday, disappointing the fans who flocked to Yankee Stadium.

Decked out in their Yankees gear, fans were optimistic walking into the stadium for Saturday’s game against the Houston Astros.

“We got the city out. We’re finna win this. We’re finna go big, go home, right? Right,” one fan said.

“It has to happen. We don’t have a choice,” another fan said.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and the tune quickly changed.

“Disgusted. It took us 13 years to get here, and we can’t even hit a ball,” fan Miranda Hanafy said.

The Bronx Bombers didn’t score a single point all night.

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“We just got blown out,” one woman said.

“Tonight, they did not bring it. Completely embarrassing. They had all the arsenal. Embarrassing. Yes, embarrassing,” another fan said.

“I just think they don’t have the skill set at this juncture. I think Houston is just a better team,” fan Lynda Haring said.

It was a tough loss for those wanting a win.

“It’s happened every year since Boone has been manager, so that’s sad,” fan Gabby Guerrera said.

The Drehwing family found a silver lining — treating grandma to a family night out.

“Memories are always good to make, and at the Yankee game, it’ll last forever,” Dana Drehwing said.

Also on a high were Astros fans expecting a sweep.

“Coming all the way from Texas, getting the win in Yankee Stadium doesn’t get much better than that,” Astros fan Rebecca Wied said.

But some Yankee fans are still holding on to hope.

“Always have faith in the Yankees. I’ve seen them come back from worse,” fan Eric O’Neil said.

Sunday’s game could mark the end of the 2022 season for the Yankees. If they win, they’ll have to keep that streak through Game 7 if they plan on making it to the World Series.

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