3 found dead inside Stamford home from apparent fentanyl overdoses

3 found dead inside Stamford home from apparent fentanyl overdoses

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STAMFORD, Conn. — Three people were found dead from apparent fentanyl overdoses inside a home in Stamford.

A woman was discovered in the basement, then two men were found in the kitchen at a rental house on Scofield Street, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported Monday. 

A man who came to service the furnace found a nonresponsive woman on a sofa in the basement and called police. 

“They located two others dead on the kitchen floor, on the first floor. Two brothers, both deceased also,” said Stamford Police Captain Richard Conklin. 

According to Conklin, a working theory is the victims intended to use cocaine and may not have known the drugs contained fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid. 

“In fact, that puts them at greater risk because they have no tolerance for opiates,” said John Hamilton from Liberation Programs. 

Hamilton said fentanyl was a factor in 80 percent of overdose deaths in Connecticut last year. 

“It’s infiltrating so many other illegal drugs,” said Conklin. 

“We’re talking everything from cross-contamination of marijuana, Xanax,” said Hamilton. “Assume that it could be tainted with fentanyl.” 

Liberation Programs partners with police to visit the scene of overdoses and offer treatment help.

Sadly, many users aren’t ready to quit or give up drugs. So groups such as Liberation work to keep those users alive.

They distribute strips so users can test drugs for the presence of fentanyl and supply the overdose treatment Narcan, along with training to anyone who asks. 

“We would never expect that someone would be saving someone’s life, but to have the ability to if they do tragically come across a situation like this, we will absolutely offer it for free to anyone,” said Fiona Wilkes from Liberation Programs. 

“The problem with the fentanyl is many times you need multiple doses of the Narcan to bring them back,” said Conklin. “It’s such a powerful drug.” 

One that’s claiming far too many lives.

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