Jody was killed by a a man targeting homeless women.

Jody was killed by a a man targeting homeless women.

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LAS VEGAS — Judi Fergason reached out to us, pleading that we start using her sisters name. Today, we know that Jody Thompson DeVries was the 57 years old woman who was one of Christopher Martell’s victims. But instead of focusing on the killing, we want to shed light on a problem, that often gets overlooked. Mental health and homelessness and addiction.

Jody Thompson DeVries was a twin. Her sister Judi recalls being called the Thompson Twins after a popular band during the time they were growing up.

Judi and jody, born in may of 1965 – just 20 minutes apart…

But in height, stature and personalities, they couldn’t be more different.

They grew up in Livermore, California in what Judi was what dreams are made of.

However, by the time the two were 16 their older sister and infant child died in a car crash on their brothers 22nd birthday.

By 21, the girls lost their mother, by age 36 their father.

The once jovial and curious Jody now struggling to cope with grief and trauma was experiencing homelessness.

At her best, Jody was employed with help from the Salvation Army. She’d work at T Mobile arena while experiencing intermittent homelessness.

In her final hours, police tell Judi, Jody was asleep when Martell killed her.

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