New Yorkers encouraged to use mass transit on this World Car Free Day

New Yorkers encouraged to use mass transit on this World Car Free Day

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NEW YORK — It’s World Car Free Day, when drivers are encouraged to give up their cars for the day. 

New York City leaders and the MTA are asking all New Yorkers to leave their vehicles at home and ride the rails instead. 

The day of action is observed in thousands of cities to help benefit the environment. 

However, as CBS2’s John Dias found, many aren’t following the recommendations, especially by the 59th Street Bridge. 

“Well I’m told it’s supposed to be car-free day, but looking here, they didn’t get the message,” Sutton Place resident Eleanor Kress told Dias. “Look at the traffic, it’s crazy.”

Queens commuter Casey McDade takes a bus every day to work in Midtown and said she sees the perks. 

“I definitely encourage people to do it if you can. A lot of people are lazy and enjoy the company of their own cars. But if you can do it, go for it,” she said.

Not everyone has that option, like truck driver Peter Stiefel. 

“It’s a good idea, but when you’re driving a truck, you don’t have a choice,” he said.

The city is also sending mixed signals by not suspending alternate side parking Thursday. So they’re asking drivers not to take their cars, but instead double park in some places, causing more congestion. If they don’t, they face a $65 ticket. 

“I guess it doesn’t make sense,” Craig Dina, of Sutton Place, said. 

Making traffic worse, it’s a Gridlock Alert Day, which means delays, road closures and temporary frozen zones while the president is in town and the United Nations General Assembly meets in Manhattan. 

“It’s actually horrible. I know we have the United Nations, but we can get a little better flow going,” said one driver.

As for the gridlock, Friday is the last day, so things should ease up by the weekend. 

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