Greg Gutfeld slams CNBC story for 'obeying the cult of identity politics'

Greg Gutfeld slams CNBC story for ‘obeying the cult of identity politics’

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Remember in the good old days when the media actually cared about your plight? Yeah, neither do I. But today it’s getting worse, especially when the media’s favorite team is now in power. Then, you know, just stop complaining about inflation, you big baby.

Michelle Singletary: You got to stop complaining when there’s so many people who literally, the inflation rate means they may only have two meals instead of three. There are Americans who did extremely well in the last two years in the market. You still have your job and yeah, it’s costing you more for gas, but guess what? You are still going to take the holiday, that 4th of July vacation, you could still eat out.

So shut up because people are doing worse. Thanks, Michelle and she’s in personal finance, imagine if you were her client, “hey, Michelle money’s tight, any ideas for long-term planning or investments?” “Yes, shut your face, you greedy ****.” Where did she get her economics degree? From the back of an Arby’s placemat? This lady knows finance, like Kat knows quantum physics.

KAT TIMPF: Yeah, I don’t know much about quantum physics. I’m actually more of a quantum mechanics gal.


KAT TIMPF: Provides, you know, a mathematical description of the dual particle and wavelength interactions found in energy and matter.


Like I said, she knows nothing about quantum physics. 

Meanwhile, the L.A. Times dismisses the coming recession as “political theater.” It’s the same thing Abe Lincoln’s wife did when talking him into go into that play. Oh, I hate these people, because like a drunk Mariah Carey, these a-holes keep changing their tune. 

One day it’s “we got to feed the poor,” the other it’s “let’s starve them.” So now the economy’s not so bad, unless you’re gay. I’ll just end it there. We can get out early. 

Condition of Economy Poll
(Fox News)

Yeah, according to CNBC, the Shemp-Howard of cable news, because you know there are three cable companies and Shemp was like the fourth stooge. Rising home prices pose a challenge, especially for LGBTQ. Really? I had no idea that mortgage rates know your sexual preferences. 

I mean, I purchased homes before, but I’ve never been asked about my sexuality. Well, one mortgage broker recognized me from a rest stop. What can I say? I was priced to sell, and this handyman special needed a little TLC. 

The CNBC story profiles a gay homebuyer, which is a gay man buying a home, not a man buying a gay home. Although a gay home would be great because it pretty much decorates itself.

ANNOUNCER: A homophobe would say.

I totally am disgusted by that joke. 

Apparently the guy found it hard finding a place within five miles of work, obviously a sign of homophobia or is it a sign of home-ophobia? Either way, I’d hold off wearing ***-less chaps to the open house, because clearly real estate must hate gay people and all their disposable income. 

Yesterday I thought I saw a homeless guy who looked just like Neil Patrick Harris. 


Of course, the writer of this tripe fails to point out the obvious explanation for it being hard for gays to buy a house, it’s harder for everyone to buy a house. Yeah, there’s no 50% off if you’re a straight sale at Rocket Mortgage, believe me, I’ve checked. 

Imagine being a business reporter and conveniently forgetting comparisons and context. Mortgage rates are soaring, the Fed Reserve is hiking rates, people are less likely to move and therefore sell their homes. This is true for everyone, but say that in the story meeting and there goes your virtue signaling article for Pride Month. 

Photo depicting a sign reading "Leaving California"

Photo depicting a sign reading “Leaving California”
(Ian Jopson)

Speaking of Pride Month, a comet better not hit before July 1st, or it’ll be called a, “hate crime.” 

The fact is, everyone’s hurting in this economy, but no one likes “everyone stories.” For the media, problems only matter if they impact chosen communities. Too bad for them, data on ownership by sexuality isn’t tracked, nor should it be, even for horny real estate agents. 

So there are more holes in this premise than in the men’s room walls at the public library and I can vouch for that. It’s really disappointing, I was sold an entirely different wall. But CNBC can’t let go, discrimination can happen “during the sales process,” they say, without offering much evidence, hence using the word “can.” 

Yeah, well, I can wake up as a six-foot-five Samoan woman tomorrow too, or I can’t. Much like Brian Stelter’s belt buckle, the word “can” carries a huge journalistic burden.

 Everything can happen, according to some and that’s how you write stories, sources say. Discrimination can happen. Inflation can be a mirage. Kat can learn to empty a litter box without tossing it off her fire escape.

KAT TIMPF: One time.

Julie Banderas can remember to get her kids after school without a jolt from her ankle monitor. 

This article also tells of a gay 23-year-old music producer in Orlando seeking a home in a pricey L.A. area. First of all, this guy is obviously not too bright leaving a state everyone is fleeing to, for one that everyone is fleeing from. That’s like leaving the Queen Mary for the Titanic. So it’s hard for him to move because he’s gay? 


Does L.A. really hate gay people because they’re such terrible neighbors? I mean, who wants to live, to next to someone with perfectly trimmed shrubs, a tastefully painted house, and a pocket-Shiatsu named Bella? What a black eye to the neighborhood. Hell, I bet I could find a study that shows if a gay couple drives through your neighborhood, house values skyrocket. 

Traders look on as a screen shows Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's news conference after the U.S. Federal Reserve interest rates announcement on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Traders look on as a screen shows Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s news conference after the U.S. Federal Reserve interest rates announcement on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

The writer also states that gay “homeowners are more likely to live in” areas that could be “expensive.” And that’s like saying folks who shop for Mercedes tend to pay more than their peers looking at used Pintos. 

The fact is more expensive places are more expensive for everyone, you perpetual victim. 

If you want to save cash, move to the thriving gay scene in Piedmont, South Dakota. It’s crazy there. 

So, much like my uncle when he’s vacationing in Greece the media likes it both ways. “The economy is fine,” they say, “except for gays.” So they provide cover for their party while obeying the cult of identity politics. 

But like drinking from the flask that Dana keeps in her My Little Pony lunchbox, the economy hits everyone hard. No one is exempt, except of course the media, they thrive in bad times. They tell cisgendered-normies to cut back on your meals while stirring the pot of divisive identity politics. 

God, I hope they don’t move into my neighborhood. Then I’m definitely leaving and moving back into the YMCA.

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