Shaquille O'Neal unveils new basketball court in Newark

Shaquille O’Neal unveils new basketball court in Newark

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NEWARK, N.J.Shaquille O’Neal returned to his hometown of Newark, New Jersey on Monday to give back to the community he grew up in.

The NBA Hall of Famer was on hand for the unveiling of the newly-renovated Combaq Court on Hawthorne Avenue. 

It features freshly-designed blacktop, new baskets and scoreboards. 

O’Neal said his love for basketball came from the same courts and told neighborhood teenagers to follow their dreams. 

“I’m you. We come from the same place. I have the answers to all the tests and I give you all the information. First thing you need to do is listen. Listen, listen to your parents, listen to your teachers. Second thing you need to do is believe. Follow your dreams,” O’Neal said. 

Combaq Courts are an initiative from the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation and Icy Hot to rehabilitate basketball and multi-use courts across the country.

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