Laura Ingraham: Can get Biden get any worse?

Laura Ingraham: Can get Biden get any worse?

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham tore into the job President Biden has done on her show Monday, saying no one wants to see or hear more of him after he has presided over crisis after crisis. 

LAURA INGRAHAM: Now no one, and I mean no one, actually wants to see and hear more of Biden or for him to sit in a room and make policy. The man’s already presided over endless catastrophes on gas prices. His answer is to urge Saudi Arabia to produce more and let Venezuela sell it to Europe. American drillers, sorry you’re out of luck. On Ukraine, Biden was suckered. We’ve already blown more than $53 billion there and now Russia’s taking more territory. In the end, Russia could end up owning a lot of the weapons we paid for. And soon, I promise you, Zelenskyy will ask for more money and Biden and the establishment Republicans- Mitch McConnell-will greenlight it. It’s a total travesty. 

The White House has been plagued with drama in recent weeks as negative reports about President Biden’s press office coincide with a series of messaging gaffes. 
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On China, despite a record high trade deficit, Biden is going to make it easier for China to ship unfairly traded solar panels through third countries. And today he declared an emergency to prevent the commerce department from using anti-dumping tariffs to stop this form of cheating. It’s a total gift to the CCP because this emergency is supposed to last 24 months. It’s likely going to kill off our own solar panel industry. 


As far as I can tell, Biden’s plan for us seems to be the following: Keep the border wide open, hurt the suburbs and rural areas with high energy costs, ensure that America produces nothing really essential, encourage a lot of people, like that guy on that clip to stay at home. Remember federal workers aren’t even showing up. And then at the end of all that, hope that China ships us all the goods we need. Sending Biden on the road. Letting Biden be Biden. Hey, that’s going to be a gift to us at “The Angle.” Lots of fresh new material. Gaffes after the fact, cleanups by the staff, but it will be hideous for the Democrats and more embarrassing for a nation already ashamed at the guy at the top.


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