Sources: Disgruntled customer may be person of interest in killing of Zhiwen Yan

NYPD: Glenn Hirsch charged with murder in deadly shooting of delivery worker Zhiwen Yan

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NEW YORK — A man from Queens has been arrested and charged with murder more than a month after a food delivery worker was gunned down on the job

Glenn Hirsch, 51, of Briarwood, was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon in the April 30 shooting death of Zhiwen Yan, a 45-year-old father of three, in Forest Hills. 

Yan’s widow said she was living with fear since the shooting, while her husband’s killer was still out there, CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge reported. 

“I feel scared that if we do not catch this criminal, if he murders someone again. I really don’t want to see another family go through the same kind of pain,” Eva Zhao said earlier this week

Yan’s final moments were captured on surveillance video just after he made a delivery on 108th Street. Investigators believe Hirsch approached Yan on foot with a gun drawn and shot him in the chest.

Hirsch, who has nine prior arrests, was taken into custody Wednesday night. He said nothing as he walked out of the 112th Precinct on Thursday.

“We are all relieved that someone has been arrested. We are grateful to the NYPD and have full confidence that the Queens District Attorney will bring justice to Zhiwen Yan, a loving and kind father, husband, son, friend and community member,” Zhao said after Hirsch’s arrest. 

Zhao said her husband worked at the Great Wall restaurant 365 days a year to support their three children and saved up buy a laundromat, which she now must run by herself.

Ken Yang, the restaurant’s owner, said Yan was an extremely hard worker and loved by everyone.

“Everybody be strong to support his family,” Yang said. “We are like a family … Wonderful man, good father, good husband.”

“I knew him for 16 years. I work in the area here, in one of the buildings, and he was one of the kindest men ever,” another person said.

The Queens District Attorney said Hirsch stalked and harassed staff at the restaurant for months after an incident last November when he ordered food and “asked for extra duck sauce packets, which he was given.” But prosecutors allege Hirsch turned irate, demanding a refund, which the restaurant refused.

According to the indictment, Hirsch allegedly “routinely threatened and harassed the restaurant’s personnel” for months after that.

He allegedly threatened workers, including Yan, with a knife and said, “Be careful. This is the last time I’m going to tell you.” In January, Hirsch allegedly came back with a gun, pointed it at another worker and said, “I will kill your entire family.”

Hirsch is also accused of slashing workers’ tires.

“He say he want to kill you, he want to kill your family, he hate the Asian people,” Yang said.

“Did you ever think he would do something like this?” CBS2’s Ali Bauman asked.

“Yes, and we report, we report,” Yang said.

Yang said Hirsch also yelled racial slurs.

“So many times, so many times,” said Yang, who believes Hirsh should be charged with a hate crime.

Police said Hirsch circled the Great Wall seven times before following and killing Yan. Sources told CBS2 police believe he had a grudge against the restaurant, not Yan specifically.   

Yang says he is grateful for an arrest because everyone at the restaurant has been terrified they might be next.

“Everybody’s scared. They don’t want to do deliveries,” he said.

Hirsch is not a licensed gun owner, though eight guns were found in his estranged wife’s home, where he fled to after the shooting.

Hirsch could face up to life in prison if convicted. He’s due back in court June 7.

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