"Taps Across America" honors the fallen on Memorial Day

“Taps Across America” honors the fallen on Memorial Day

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NEW YORK – Some of the most heartfelt Memorial Day tributes contain no words, just 24 notes. 

CBS News “On the Road” correspondent Steve Hartman is back with “Taps Across America.” 

Monday at 3 p.m., Americans of all stripes joined together for a new tradition: A nationwide performance of “Taps.”

New Jersey resident Doug Neralich has taken part for the last two years, playing “Taps” on his trombone. He’ll do it again this year. 

“It’s so important because I think people think of Memorial Day and just think of hot dogs, and not the real meaning,” said CBS2’s Cindy Hsu. 

“That’s right. I wanted to bring back the reason for Memorial Day, the national moment of remembrance. I just thought if there was a literal call to action, people would take time to think about why we have the day off in the first place,” said Hartman. 

Any musician could participate, and everyone was encouraged to step outside to listen and reflect. 

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