End of an era: One of New York City's last public payphones removed

End of an era: One of New York City’s last public payphones removed

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NEW YORK — Monday marked the end of an era in New York City. One of the last public payphones was taken away.

While some private payphones will still be around, the phones you’ve seen on the streets will largely be gone, CBS2’s Dick Brennan reported.

At 49th and Seventh, a few of these technological dinosaurs were hauled away, while fittingly stared down by a T-rex on a billboard. 

It’s not quite the end of the line for these land lines. Some will be sticking around. 

You will still find private payphones, and four phone booths will be preserved on West End Avenue between 66th and 101st Streets. 

Before the cellphone era, you could find a payphone on practically every block.

“It’s a relic of an era that was so common around here,” said Gabriella Sutherland, an Upper West Side resident. 

Still, some can’t resist the draw of the old-fashioned phonebooth. 

Now, the city is expanding its fiber footprint. This summer, Link NYC will roll out 5G.

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