2 in custody after 17-year-old shot near Maspeth High School

2 in custody after 17-year-old shot near Maspeth High School

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The two suspects are 15

Investigators were searching just around the corner from Maspeth High School where a 17-year-old student was shot in the arm. 

That victim was taken in an ambulance from here to Elmhurst hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

17-year-old student shot near Queens high school


Police tell CBS2 the victim got into some sort of an argument with two others when he was shot. Those two suspects got onto a scooter and were caught not far away. 

We’re told they’re both 15 years old.

While cops try to figure out the motive behind this shooting, there were and are plenty of parents who were left terrified.

“He said ‘Mom, somebody got shot. Told me it was a friend of his that he usually walks with to Starbucks. I just told him stay calm. This is what he’s saying. Stay in the classroom, stay away from the doors, you know the routine. You know, and it’s really a shame that in  this day and age we have to tell our kids that this is how you have to be in school, or something like this happens, you know? As a parent It is very nerve-wracking to know that I can’t do nothing. I’m absolutely helpless,” one parent said. 

The school was locked down for about an hour and a half as police worked to make sure kids were safe. 

Police sources tell us the victim, who’s 17 is the son of an NYPD officer. 

While he recovers, many in this community say the gun violence has become too much.


2 suspects in custody, sources say

The shooting took place at 1:40 p.m. on Grand Avenue near 74th Street. 

Sources tell CBS2 the 17-year-old was shot during an argument with two men on the street. 

He was shot in the arm. 

The victim is the son of an NYPD officer, sources said. He was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital and is expected to survive. 

The suspects took off on a scooter, but police arrested them nearby, sources said. 

There’s no word yet on the motive of the shooting.


Lockdown lifted at Maspeth High School

NYPD School Safety said the lockdown has been lifted. 


Maspeth High School placed on lockdown

“The NYPD, School Safety Agents, and school staff placed Maspeth High School on a hard lockdown to ensure all students at Maspeth are safe while the NYPD responds to an off-campus incident. The lockdown will be lifted when the NYPD gives the all clear,” Department of Education spokesperson Nathaniel Styer said. 


17-year-old ishot in the arm, police say

There’s been a shooting near a high school in queens. 

It happened just after 1:30 p.m. at 74th Street and Grand Avenue in Maspeth. 

Police say a 17-year-old boy was shot in the arm, and he is expected to be OK. 

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