NYPD: Woman fighting for her life after being pinned by hit-and-run driver in Queens

NYPD: Woman fighting for her life after being pinned by hit-and-run driver in Queens

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NEW YORK — There was a Mother’s Day tragedy in Queens. A mother was critically injured in a hit-and-run crash.

As CBS2’s Thalia Perez reported from Jamaica, police now need help tracking down the suspect.

Police found the abandoned truck just five minutes away from the scene, but they’re still searching for the driver.

Video obtained by CBS2 shows the moment a white Ford 550 slams into a white sedan that neighbors say belongs to the victim’s daughter. You see the two run up to the truck and confront the driver. Police said it happened at around 8:30 a.m. on 120th Avenue at 168th Street.

“I just wish that they stayed on the sidewalk and just called police instead of coming in the street and trying to be too vigilant,” neighbor Calvin Williams said.

As Perez reported, 120th Avenue is a dead end and the truck was making an illegal U-turn.

The third person seen on the video told Perez off camera he is a neighbor and tried to intervene. But before the incident ended, the driver is seen slamming into several more parked cars to complete the U-turn, including dragging a silver one and pinning the victim in between it and another car.

“I’ve never seen that truck, but I did hear from the owner of this business right here that a lot of people are dumping and we were keeping a vigilant eye out for the dumpers,” Williams said.

According to several neighbors Perez spoke to, the end of the street is an area where people are known to pull up and dump garbage. Hours later Sunday, police found the truck abandoned on 108th Avenue and 164th Place with serious front-end damage. A neighbor shared a Ring video that shows the suspect parking the car and then walking away.

Police said the victim is in critical condition at Jamaica Hospital. Neighbors said she is a mom and from Nigeria. They also said she works as a surgical nurse.

Again, no arrests have been made and the driver remains on the run.

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