Hegseth rips states for using COVID relief money for CRT in schools: 'The goal is not education'

Hegseth rips states for using COVID relief money for CRT in schools: ‘The goal is not education’

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Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Pete Hegseth slammed states for pulling billions of dollars from COVID-19 relief to fund critical race theory curriculum in schools on “Fox & Friends” Thursday. Hegseth argued progressives have complete control of the “pipeline” funneling “social change” and not education into the classroom.


PETE HEGSETH: When big pools of money land in the laps of states and school districts, they pursue their own priorities. We know this. We want to believe it’s for COVID. It never was for COVID. So these pools of money land where they want it to land. … The first step to recovery is admitting the depth of your problem. And when it comes to American education, we have to admit the depth of the stranglehold that unions and the left’s have on what they are teaching our kids. And you might have a great teacher and many people do, and you might have a great principal and many people do or a great superintendent. But the priorities of the pipeline, from the teachers, colleges to the unions to the curriculum and then to the pedagogy, which is not what the curriculum is, but how the kids are being taught, is completely captured by progressives. 


Their goal is not education, it is social change. And that’s why you see pronouns and gender identity and implicit bias coming into the classroom and not the basics. They want to mold your kids because they believe your kids are theirs. I’m not talking about every teacher. I’m talking about the controlled education establishment. And it’s public and private across the country. And if we don’t understand that depth, we’re going to keep pumping COVID money at school districts with no guardrails on it, and it turns into implicit bias training. 


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