Laura Ingraham: Bias favoring Democrats has worsened over presidential cycles

Laura Ingraham: Bias favoring Democrats has worsened over presidential cycles

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Laura Ingraham revealed how presidential debates became increasingly biased toward Democrats.

LAURA INGRAHAM: The notion that democracy somehow requires that conservative candidates submit to a horribly biased questioning every four years is ludicrous, unless democracy, of course, was meaningless back in 1858, when Lincoln faced off against Douglass in one of the most storied debates in US political history, with no moderators and no panelists. 

I’d say the American people learned a lot more just by reading exactly what the candidates said back then. Now, the modern day candidate confab didn’t really begin till 1960, when for the first time in history, the debate between two major presidential candidates, John F. Kennedy and Nixon was televised. Remember, people who listened on the radio thought that Nixon had won, but on camera it was the opposite. Kennedy looked really cool and polished. 

Nixon looked kind of sweaty and a little bit shifty. After that, there was a debate lull for 16 years. It picked back up in 1976. But by 2012, it was beyond obvious that the moderators were dead set against whoever the Republicans nominated. Obama was their lord and savior, and he had to be venerated and protected at all costs. 

The bias then worsened over the next few presidential cycles in 2016. The commentaries hated Trump so much that there were serious demands by supposedly respected media figures that the press had a duty not to be objective when covering Trump. You cannot cover Trump the way that you would cover a normal person because he is not a normal person. 

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